Saturday, 21 August 2010

Yonex driver - VMX and Nanospeed 3i Yonex Drivers

Yonex have 2 ranges of Drivers; The VMX and The Nanospeed 3i Range.


Nanospeed 3i Driver

is Yonex's most techologically advanced driver.  It features an Isometric Face, which produces a larger "Sweet Spot", to provide the Ultimate Performance. An Ultra thin carbon crown with a shallow backed head shape creates a higher launch angle and reduced spin for an Ultra Long Carry NanoScience Technology in the shaft is the most advanced to date. This is the one of the best drivers on the market, and it's design allows it to be used by all abilities, from beginner to advanced. The

VMX Driver

is a fantastic value driver, which still uses some of Yonex's innovative technologies.  The V Slot Technology in the head shape lowers the centre of gravity for a distance enhancing shot. The Tungsten Weight in the sole helps to square the club face at impact. AeroPentagon shape in the head (5 sides) is more aerodynamic and creates less air resistance, which means more power.

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